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Flame Eater Anton

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Flame Eater Anton
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Ulu
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Seventh Apostle
Alias N/A
Location Empyrean - The Sea of Twilight
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A
I am the king of the Tartan and the last heir of the Ulus.

Anton or Flame Eater Anton is the Seventh Apostle of Pandemonium (a.k.a. The One Who Can Reach The End Of The World By Stretching His Body.). He is the fourth Apostle transferred to Arad, affecting the heavenly region known as Empyrean, and is responsible for the events that occur in the Empyrean War, the Power Station, and the creation of Zelva, an island that leads to the Castle of the Dead. He is a being that is known for his tremendous size, being as large as a continent, and his insatiable appetite for energy.

In actuality, Anton is not a singular entity. He shares his mind and body with that of a smaller species that dwell upon his body called the Tartan, which is split into two groups: normal Tartans and Prime Tartans. Normal Tartans are influenced by Anton's spiritual energy and worship him like their creator, whereas the Prime Tartan remain unaffected by Anton and can influence him and the other Tartan into doing whatever they want. Despite this, their relationship is completely symbiotic. The strongest Prime Tartan serves as Anton's brain, and is called Omnipotent Mateka.


Long before the events of the story, Anton was the last of the race known as the Ulu from the planet Aguragula, which were colossal creatures that consumed everything in their wake. Due to the Ulus' insatiable appetite, they caused their world to fall into ruin. But before their world ended, upon receiving a revelation from the stars, the remaining Tartan, desperate for survival, left the older, larger Ulus and got on the body of the smallest, fastest Ulu known as Anton. Only Anton was able to move fast enough to reach the last remaining patch of land before the planet's inevitable destruction, upon which a light shined from above and he was transported to a new world known as Pandemonium.

From then on, Anton joined Hilder's journey across the universe to find the "Apostles". Eventually, Anton, upon defeating many adversaries, was granted the title as the 'Seventh Apostle of Pandemonium'. While he was there, he frequently fought with the Fifth Apostle, Sirocco, for energy in the Metro Center until she disappeared. On rare occasions Anton slept, and the Apostle Luke was able to provide electricity to Pandemonium. It was at these times, the city would shine brightly enough to be seen from Empyrean, and came to be known by them as the phenomenon of the 'mirage of an upside-down city'.

In Arad Year 996, Anton was transferred to the heavenly area of Arad known as Empyrean in the Eaton Industrial Zone. Initially, he gradually moved toward the Imperial Capital Ghent for reasons unknown, but was stopped by Empyrean forces. Afterward, he took up residence and began absorbing the energy from the Power Station while destroying his surroundings. This event ceased the transference of electricity to the Empyrean Capital, causing many of their defensive systems and weapons to not function. The Kartel took advantage of this opportunity and launched their Second Invasion of the Royal Capital in Arad Year 997. Eventually, it succeeded in capturing Ghent and kidnapped the Empyrean Princess, Erje, in Arad Year 999. Although there were attempts to drive out Anton from the Power Station, their weapons proved useless against his body. Because of his presence in the Power Station, Anton indirectly caused the deaths of many Empyrean soldiers and citizens, resulting in many to hold a grudge against the Apostle.

After the defeat of the Kartel and the end of the Empyrean War in Arad Year 1003, the Empyrean Army returned its attention to Anton with the goal of driving him out through the Power Station Liberation Operation. Under the leadership of Brigadier General Navarre and with the aid of the De Los Empire and a group of adventurers, they successfully defeat and capture the four Tartan in charge of the Power Plants, and cease the transference of energy to Anton, causing him to flee.

Greatly weakened from the loss of a constant energy source, Anton attempts to flee to the Castle of the Dead through the Sea of Twilight where he is pursued by the Empyrean Army on a battleship known as the Noble Sky, commanded by Empyrean Commander-in-chief, Jakter the Eagle Eye. After a very extensive operation, Anton is eventually killed after the death of Omnipotent Mateka and destruction of his heart by adventurers in Arad Year 1004. Afterwards, his corpse fell into the ocean with the top part of it protruding from the waters as if like an island; above it hovered the upside-down tower, the Castle of the Dead. Successful with their mission, the adventurers, the De Los Empire, the Empyrean Army used the island as a base of operations to prepare for their exploration of the Castle of the Dead and their confrontation with the Apostle Luke.


  • Omnipotent Mateka: "Life is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We've learned that a long time ago. No one grieves for a dead worm. The deaths of the insignificant are meaningless. We tried to break away from the flow and shake the world. I didn't think I'd die in such a place. Hah hah. After I left my hometown, I've seen many worlds and I've learned strength decides everything. I guess we aren't the strongest, though. But don't be full of yourself. You're a mindless sword for someone else, despite the stories of your heroism and journeys."

   Anton: "In the end, you're just a tool."
   Omnipotent Mateka: "And you'll learn what happens to a tool when it's no longer useful."


  • Anton's overall design looks to take inspiration from Kaiju, a known Japanese genre that features giant monsters, while resembling a Tortoise mixed with a Volcano.
  • The name Anton is a variant of the Etruscan surname Antōnius which also has a meaning in Latin for Worthy of praise, befitting the Apostle's association with the Tartans.
  • A costume themed after him was available for Male Priest through an older Apostle Package.
  • He would appear in the official KDnF Webtoon series called Party & Life seen in a more cute-like appearance, this rendition of Anton would be known as Ppangtony, with ppang (빵) meaning Bread in Korean, and later Bunton for the Global playerbase that would be popularized as a Event Creature during Anton Raid related content.


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