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Base Job Slayer
Job NPC G.S.D.
Specialized Weapon Great Sword, Bludgeon
Specialized Armor Heavy armor
Class Information Mostly Fixed:
Magic Skills: None
Physical Skills: Percent and Fixed
Alternate Names Korean: 버서커 (Beoseokeo)
Japanese: バーサーカー (Bāsākā, lit. Berserker)
Chinese: 狂战士 (Kuángzhànshì)
Hell Bringer
Alternate Names Hellbenter
Korean: 헬벤터 (Helbenteo)
Japanese: ヘルベンター (Herubentā, lit. Hell Benter)
Prison Blood Devil
Chinese: 獄血魔神 (Yù Xuè Móshén)
Second Awakening
Blood Evil
Alternate Names Blood Evil
Korean: 블러드이블 (Beulleodeu Ibeul)
Japanese: 血液悪
Chinese: 血煞
BloodEvil Ani.gif
I will do anything for more power... even if it means selling my soul.

Kazan is the one called the heart of all demons. Kazan Syndrome, usually causes massive amounts of negative emotions, but it can grow stronger. Mentally breaking the infected person down to the point of a Frenzy, literally becoming a demon. No one could tell if a warrior infected by the Kazan Syndrome was a friend, or enemy. Their speed and destructive power, however, were outstanding.

10 years ago, the Blade Masters were sent to head to the Screaming Caverns to take out the danger that lurked. Roxy, who was with the Blade Masters, was a Berserker. She, along with Aganzo, Bahn, and Siran, faced off against one of the apostles, Siroko. With no chance of defeating her, Roxy had to release the chains of her 'Ghost Demon' arm, unleashing the Kazan Syndrome, losing control over her body. Roxy went on a Frenzy, and ultimately destroyed Siroko all by herself. But in the end, her life was sacrificed in order to end Siroko. She is a prime example that showed that Berserkers are truly the most powerful warriors.

The Berserker, yielding to demonic possession, taps into an otherworldly rage. He is capable of a wide range of vicious attacks, including Frenzy, which unleashes furious bloodshed on threatening foes. Diehard gives him great survivability and two of his most well-known attacks are Blood Sword and Bloody Twister.

  • At level 50, the Berserker awakens as a Hell Bringer. At level 75, the Hell Bringer awakens as the name Blood Evil.
  • His subclass cosmetic effect is red demonic eyes.
  • His 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is red energy pulsating from his demon arm.

Becoming a Berserker

The Slayer must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blue Guardian Vetala in Silver Crown.
  2. Clear the Ringwood Underground Penitentiary.

Awakening as a Hell Bringer

What makes a Berserker?

He is one who, without a second thought, slays the foe that stands before him. He does not deny, nor is ashamed of, his demon-possessed arm. He accepts the fact that the demon that dwells within him, at any moment, could destroy him. And he endures, even in the midst of the excruciating pain caused by Kazan Syndrome...

To those who choose the path of the Berserker, unimaginable strength is bestowed; however, embracing such a destiny comes with an acceptance that one’s life will end painfully and tragically. Tombstones throughout the continent mark the final resting place of Berserkers who were all unparalleled in battle but met harrowing ends. One by one, they a withering flame into thin air. Even given vast demonic energy, the Berserker is still a prisoner to the limits of the human body. Though they appear to fear nothing, even they cannot divest themselves of the most basic and human of feelings. They still desire to live.

Awakening into a Hell Bringer may grant them even more power, but it quickens the strangling coils of mortality. The Hell Bringers are known for their endless pursuit of vitality. By absorbing the blood of other creatures, their drink in their vital power. However, the more power gained, the more intense their own candle of life burns, bringing them ever closer to their ill-fated deaths.

Until then, Hell Bringers will be of tremendous help to the Dungeon Fighters. If you find yourself alone in a party with a Hell Bringer, just pray that his blood and vigor will last until the end of the dungeon.

The Berserker must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to G.S.D. in Underfoot Hall.
  2. Collect 10 White Cubes, 10 Red Cubes, 100 Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Irons.
  3. Clear the 30th floor of the Tower of the Dead.
  4. Obtain 10 Powerful Essences from APCs in Tower of the Dead or Tower of Illusion.
  5. Collect 60 Chaos Stone Debris, 80 Seals of Emperor Heim, and 120 Seals of Empress Skardi.

Awakening as a Blood Evil

Forcibly drawn blood spouting [out of the Berserker] is truly a terrifying scene.

Yet it is the path Berserkers must undertake. Weak bodies simply cannot handle the immense blood power, only those forged through blood can take control of the ultimate blood power.

G.S.D. calls this process “Blood Burning”.

During this process, Berserkers must endure unimaginable pain:

Boundless blood power not only overflows the entire body, it also erodes the spirit. Visions of blood demons constantly wreak havoc on the mind, devouring thoughts, until the Berserker uses its powerful will to devour the blood demon illusion, at which point it finally ends.

The process destroys the life of anyone who is weak.

Therefore, upon “Blood Burning” success Berserkers are able to freely manipulate the boundless blood power embodied by the blood devil, advancing to a level above a Hell Bringer.

— Blood Evil

The Hell Bringer must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to G.S.D. in Underfoot Hall.
  2. Enter the Black Dragon Tournament and obtain 45 Dark Energies from the APC's.

New Skills


Icon Name
HeartyVigor.gif Vim and Vigor
BloodyCross.gif Bloody Cross
Frenzy.gif Frenzy
Diehard.gif Diehard
FeastFrenzy.gif Bloodlust
Rampage.gif Derange
RagingFury.gif Raging Fury
Thirst.png Thirst
BloodyWave.gif Bloody Twister
Blood Sword.png Blood Sword
OutrageBreak.gif Outrage Break

TP Skills

Icon Name
Diehardup.png Diehard Upgrade
Derangeup.png Derange Upgrade
Twisterup.png Bloody Twister Upgrade
Bloodswordup.png Blood Sword Upgrade
Bloodlustup.png Bloodlust Upgrade
Bloodycrossup.png Bloody Cross Upgrade
Outrageaup.png Outrage Break Upgrade
Ragingup.png Raging Fury Upgrade

Albert Quest Skills

Icon Name
VacuumSlash.gif Spirit Crescent
Counterattack.gif Flip Side Counter
(Blade Master)
EyesOfBremen.gif Hazy-Eyed Bremen
(Soul Bender)

Awakening Skills

Icon Name
BloodReplenishment.gif Blood Memory
ExtremeOverkill.gif Extreme Overkill
BloodRuin2.png Blood Ruin
BurstFury2.png Burst Fury
2nd Awakening Skills
Blood Incarnate.jpg Blood Incarnate
Blood Boom.jpg Blood Boom
Red Rosé.jpg Red Rosé
Blood Riven.jpg Blood Riven

General Skills

Icon Name
PotentialOfHeavyArmor.gif Berserker Heavy Armor Mastery

Original Class Skills


Icon Name
UpperSlash.gif Upward Slash
GhostSlash.gif Ghost Slash
Kazan.gif Kazan
MoonlightSlash.gif Moonlight Slash
GoreCross.gif Gore Cross
SwordShockwave.gif Force Wave: Neutral
Thrust.gif Thrust
VolcanoStrike.gif Mountainous Wheel
MultiSlash.gif Drive Slash
Guard.gif Guard
BeheadingFissureWave.gif Wave Wheel Slasher
AshFork.gif Ashe Fork
AerialConsecutiveStrike.gif Aerial Chain Slash
MaceMastery.gif Bludgeon Mastery
BladeMastery.gif Katana Mastery
ShortSwordMastery.gif Short Sword Mastery
LargeSwordMastery.gif Zanbato Mastery


Icon Name
Basic Training.jpg Basic Training
GreatWillpower.gif Indomitable Spirit
AncientMemory.gif Ancient Memory
Backstep.gif Backstep
PCriticalHit.gif Physical Critical Hit
PBackAttack.gif Physical Rear Attack
MCriticalHit.gif Magic Critical Hit
MBackAttack.gif Magic Rear Attack
ThrowMastery.gif Throw Mastery
QuickStanding.gif Quick Rebound
Jump.gif Leap
Conversion Regular.png Conversion

General TP Skills

Icon Name
Tripleslashup.png Triple Slash Upgrade
Asheforkup.png Ashe Fork Upgrade
Ghostslashup.png Ghost Slash Upgrade
Moonlightup.png Moonlight Slash Upgrade
Gorecrossup.png Gore Cross Upgrade
Mountainwheelup.png Mountainous Wheel Upgrade
Nwsup.png Neutral Wave Sword Upgrade
Wwsup.png Wave Wheel Slasher Upgrade
Guard Upgrade.png Guard Upgrade
Kazan Upgrade.png Kazan Upgrade
Thrust Upgrade.png Thrust Upgrade
Upward Slash Upgrade.png Upward Slash Upgrade
Basic Training Upgrade.png Basic Training Upgrade


For build suggestions and combos, refer to the Strategies page.

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