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Blade Master

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Blade Master
Role Dealer.png
Alternate Names Weapon Master
Korean: 웨펀마스터 (Wepeon Maseuteo)
Japanese: ウェポンマスター (Uepon Masutā, lit. Weapon Master)
Sword Soul
Chinese: 劍魂 (Jiànhún, lit. Sword Soul)
Base Job Male Slayer
Specialized Weapon Lightsabre (Recommended), Short Sword, Katana, Bludgeon, Zanbato
Class Information Skill Type: Physical
Damage Type: Percent
Subclass Difficulty: Difficulty Star.PNG
Inflict Element? None
Inflict Status Effect? Electrocution (Status).png Shock
Bleeding (Status).png Bleed
Stun (Status).png Stun
Grand Master
Alternate Names Sword Saint
Korean: 검성 (Geomseong)
Japanese: 剣聖 (Kensei)
Chinese: 劍聖 (Jiànshèng)
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Sword God
Korean: 검신 (Geomsin)
Japanese: 剣神 (Kenjin)
Chinese: 剑神 (Jiànshén)
Neo: Awakening
Neo: Blade Master
Alternate Names
Korean: 진(眞) 웨펀마스터
Japanese: 真ウェポンマスター
Chinese: 极诣·剑魂
Neo- Blade Master New Skill Cut In.gif

With each stroke, my sword paints the vast sky red...
Perhaps this will be my masterpiece.

Whether the heart is weak, or legs having no bending ability, is a challenge that they want to do. These characters are given conditions which make them what they are. They are referred to those who have reached the pole, to each type of weapon. Even if they are faced with the 'Ghost Demons', which intrudes their way of swordsmanship. These warriors train every day to completely fight off the 'Ghost Demon' from their arm and keep their mind focused only on the weapon they hold in their hand. These Slayers are called the Blade Master.

The Imperial Sword Master, at the age of his early 20's, went missing a decade ago in the Screaming Cavern. Many great Blade Masters, such as Aganzo, the Greatsword Master, Vaughn, the Short Sword Master, Siran, the Katana Master, Bwanga, the Bludgeon Master, and Roxy, the Berserker, wandered into the cave to search for the Imperial Sword Master. The events that took place in the screaming Cavern are very grave to not only the legendary Sword Masters, but the great swordsman Aganzo as well, losing a loved one due to the Kazan Syndrome. He works hard to find treatments for the Kazan Syndrome, so that no true Swordsman has to suffer from Kazan's curse.

The Blade Master is a Slayer who continues his vigilant training in swordsmanship in spite of the demon's interference. He can wield the powerful Lightsabre or any of the other Slayer weapons to great effect. Each weapon has unique traits available only to the Blade Master. He may choose which weapon suits him best and even gain bonuses for switching between them in combat. He is commonly known for his ability to utilize combos, and some of his most recognizable skills are Charge Crash.png Charge Crash, Raging Dragon Slash.png Raging Dragon Slash, and Illusion Sword Dance.png Illusion Sword Dance.

  • At level 50, the Blade Master awakens as a Grand Master. At level 75, the Grand Master awakens as an Omniblade.
  • His subclass cosmetic effect is a white-colored arm that leaves a slight illusion effect behind it when moving.
  • His 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is a permanent white glow in his eyes and a group of radiant swords floating around him when idle.
  • His Neo Awakening cosmetic effect is a group of five distinct radiant swords floating around him when idle.

Becoming a Blade Master

The Slayer must choose the Blade Master advancement upon character creation.

Alternatively, if the player is still in it's base class:
The Slayer must click the Advance button on the skill window.

Awakening as a Grand Master

To future warriors--

I was once but a common warrior, unremarkable in skill, unimpressive in wisdom and knowledge, hardly distinguished in the eyes of my peers. I was plagued with the base impulses of jealousy, shame and despair. My inner weakness allowed the demon in my arm to seep slowly into the rest of my body. There was nothing left for me other than to surrender myself to time, the one thing that begins, binds, and ends all men.

But I refused to accept this dismal fate. I believed with a fierce heart that one's potential could be unlocked if only by strength of will and purpose; that my great power could emerge if I committed myself to training; that hidden skills could be discovered and developed if I listened to my soul. It was with this rekindled thirst for life that I lifted myself from obscurity, took up my sword once again, and became the legendary warrior I am now.

Now, as I hear the death bell toll on my extraordinary life, I see that the only skill I ever needed was the one that resisted being ordinary.

I dreamt that I was dancing through the skies with my weapon, as if fate put us together in a tragically-timed waltz. I only thank the heavens for allowing me a dance with the sky. It was a beautiful dance.

- Inscribed on the tomb of the Grand Master of Wuthering Heights -

The Blade Master must first reach level 50.

Alternatively, if the player skips Epic Quest Icon.png Unending Foreboding:
The Blade Master must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to G.S.D in the Hendon Myre Back Alley.
  2. Collect 1000 White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragments, 1000 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragments, 100 Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Iron.png Superior Irons.
  3. Defeat Agram the Witch in the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  4. Collect 1 Formidable Essence.png Formidable Essence from the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  5. Collect 10 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seals of Emperor Helm.

Awakening as an Omniblade

"Is there an end to the path of the sword?"

A sudden question from his senior wavered his stance.

"Your stance is wavering just from my question, that's no good."

"Sorry, I just had an old thought cross my head. An end to the path of the sword.."

Yang Ur slurred the end of his speech and sheathed his sword.

As Yang Ur sheathed his sword, Soldoros called Claris.

"Did I ask a useless question? There really is no answer... as it is a level that even you have not reached."

"No. There is an answer. There are many swordsmen who have reached our level now and we may no longer be the best swordsman. A level that even we haven't reached; The path to the next level may open to someone out there."

"A foolish talk..."

"No, I can sense it. Although we have already attained high level of strength, there's so much more left for us to learn. We simply just can't see it."

"Can't you say that you have reached a level where the next level cannot be seen? I just want to be at the very top and look down below."

"There are also great views from halfway up."

"A level without a name... It would be much easier to talk about it if it had a name. Even a mere hill has a name, so why doesn't this have a name?"

Yang Ur ponders for a moment then speaks.

"What about Omniblade? How does that sound?"

"Isn't that too grandiose of a name? What are you going to name for the level above that then..."

"We can worry about that later."

"Hahaha! We shall call it Omniblade then!"

The two finish their short break and resume training as if nothing happened.

- A conversation between Soldoros and Yang Ur.

The Omniblade must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Siran in the City of Shonan.
  2. Collect 60 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi.
  3. Clear EX: Gold Dragon Tournament.
  4. Collect 150 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm.
  5. Clear EX: Silver Dragon Tournament.
  6. Clear Tainted Time Gate.

Awakening as a Neo: Blade Master

The shake of my heart traveled down the blade.
The confidence that I could cut through anything
Became arrogance in an instant and I was unable to cut anything.

I must return to where I began.
Remember the moment when I defied my destiny and began my path of blades.
Taking the path no one would as my own,
Do not chase for the path, but walk my own.

Let go of everything.
And in the empty hands,
Take up the sword heavier and sharper than that of steel,
A sword of heart.

And finally on the top of the mountain I’ve conquered,
I will face him on the other mountaintop.

The reason I embarked on a path of blades,
Was not to reach the apex nor to stand on top of it.

I am neither the Grand Master nor the Omniblade.
I am just a blademaster.
And that is enough.

The Omniblade must first reach level 100.

  • Complete the True Awakening 1 Quest line and obtain Ability Intensification.

Obtaining Ability Intensification

Upon completing Awakening Quest Icon.png Scroll of Enlightenment the following skills have decreased SP cost:

With Scroll of Enlightenment.png Scroll of Enlightenment learns the skill Clues to Awakening.png Clues to Awakening and can reinforce either Ultimate Slay- Tempest.png Ultimate Slay: Tempest or Telekinetic Swords.png Telekinetic Swords.

Learns new skills:

  • Complete the True Awakening 2 Quest line.

The Blade Master's Weapons

Blade Masters, in addition to and in combination with choosing their skills, also are best served by choosing their weapon types carefully. Several skills can change based on the Blade Master's weapon in hand and Mastery skill level with that type of weapon. Of course, Secret Sword Art.png Secret Sword Art is also unique for each weapon type. This listing is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to give a general sense of each weapon's feel and capabilities.
Zanbato Mastery.png Zanbato Mastery:

Zanbatos hit hard, but are slow to strike. Charge Crash.png Charge Crash and Draw Sword (Weapon Master).png Draw Sword get some Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) properties, and are chargeable for extra damage.

Katana Mastery.png Katana Mastery:

Katanas are fast and hit many times, and causes many skills to stack Signature Wounds on targets which explode upon expiring, but do not hit very hard without the wounds. Draw Sword (Weapon Master).png Draw Sword gains an additional hit, allowing the Blade Master to apply a large number of Signature Wounds in a short period of time to many targets at once. Illusion Sword Dance.png Illusion Sword Dance does more hits at a higher speed, but deals half the damage of a Lightsabre's sword dance, and is thus mainly used to apply even more Signature Wounds on targets. Aerial Chain Slash.png Aerial Chain Slash deals additional damage to targets with Signature Wounds, and thus is used on targets with high amounts of wounds in an effort to rack up damage before the wounds expire and explode.

Lightsabre Mastery.png Lightsabre Mastery:

Lightsabres are the fastest of all Slayer weapons and do appreciable damage, focusing mainly on inflicting Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status) followed by multi-hit attacks to deal additional damage with each hit. Thrust.png Thrust gains an extra Laser Pulse attack while Draw Sword (Weapon Master).png Draw Sword gains an additional hit, which along with Secret Sword Art.png Secret Sword Art and Raging Dragon Slash.png Raging Dragon Slash, are all able to inflict Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status). Coupled with an upgraded Illusion Sword Dance.png Illusion Sword Dance that does more hits at a higher speed, each sword hit is able to trigger the additional Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status) damage to maximize its output before the status fades.

Short Sword Mastery.png Short Sword Mastery:

Short Sword attacks have extra range, extending a "spirit sword" out from most attacks and many skills. Damage leaves something to be desired, and it is not as speedy as some of the other choices.

Bludgeon Mastery.png Bludgeon Mastery:

Bludgeon attacks focus on Stun (Status).png Stun (Status) and hard knockdown effects, often with "splash" effects. About as slow as a Zanbato but with speedier attack sets (and greater amusement value) for Secret Sword Art.png Secret Sword Art. Illusion Sword Dance.png Illusion Sword Dance and Charge Crash.png Charge Crash have a ground-slam knockdown area effect at their end.

The Blade Master's mastery skills are influenced by Weapon Wielder's Zenith.png Weapon Wielder's Zenith, rather than being able to upgrade the other mastery skills individually.


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Subclass Inspiration

  • The Blade Master's theme borrows from the DnD class archetype, though his motif is heavily influenced by a Samurai, alongside Japanese Swordsmanship that mainly involves quick sword-drawing techniques such as, Iaijutsu and Iaido.
  • The costume design seen in the Omniblade's artwork could be based on outfits male characters wore, who were featured in Wuxia media.
  • The Neo: Blade Master's artwork shows him wielding Yang Ull's Twig, a Level 85 Epic Bludgeon.
  • Both of his Second & Neo: Awakening's cosmetic effects involving radiant swords are similar to either Vergil's Mirage Blades from Devil May Cry, or Irelia's blades from League of Legends.
  • The term Zenith is to describe something used to refer to the highest point, way, or level reached by a celestial body on its daily apparent path around a given point of observation.
  • His weapon of choice, the Lightsabre is based on the same energy sword that's featured throughout the Star Wars franchise.
  • The most famous orthodox Blade Master is Soldoros.


  • The Global First Awakening Grand Master in several cultures, are commonly used as a high-ranking title or position.
    • The Male Grappler would also share this title for his Korean Second Awakening.
  • Sword Saint is a Japanese honor title given to those with legendary swordsmanship, the most notable figure being Miyamoto Musashi.
  • The Global Second Awakening, Omniblade is named after Cloud Strife's Limit Break from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Sword God could come from the Japanese War Kami, Takemikazuchi.





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