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"Blitz" redirects here. For the Lv70 Epic Halberd, see Blitz (Halberd).png Blitz.

Role Dealer.png
Alternate Names Assault
Korean: 어썰트
Japanese: TBA
Chinese: 合金战士 (lit. Alloy Warrior)
Base Job Gunner
Job NPC Lady Kiri
Specialized Weapon Auto Gun
Class Information Skill Type: Physical
Damage Type: Percent
Subclass Difficulty: Difficulty Star.PNG Difficulty Star.PNG Difficulty Star.PNG
Inflict Element? None
Inflict Status Effect? None
Alternate Names Intruder
Korean: 인트루더
Japanese: TBA
Chinese: 钢铁之心 (lit. Heart of Steel)
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Ex Machina
Korean: 엑스마키나
Chinese: 超能终結者 (lit. Super Terminator)
Ex Machina Ani.gif
Neo: Awakening
Neo: Blitz
Alternate Names Neo: Assault
Korean: 진(眞) 어썰트 (Jin Eosseolteu)
Chinese: 极诣·刃影 (Chóng xiāo·héjīn zhànshì)
Neo- Assault Cut-In.gif


The Blitz is a Male Gunner abducted by Dr. Gizel and augmented with cybernetic enhancements. Revived from near death as a cyborg soldier and pushing his body outside human limits, the Assault engages the enemy with tactical weaponry and machines at his disposal.

  • At level 50, the Blitz awakens as an Infiltrator. At level 75, the Infiltrator awakens as an Armada and at level 100, the Armada will awaken as a Neo: Blitz.
  • His subclass cosmetic effect is a glowing blue chest light on his right chest area.
  • His 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is the Blitz fading to black as holographic green energy surges around his chest.
  • His Neo Awakening cosmetic effect is the Neo: Blitz pressing his chest, creating two large guns around his arms and makes a dynamic pose with them.

Becoming a Blitz

The Male Gunner must choose the Blitz advancement upon character creation.

Alternatively, if the player is still in it's base class:
The Male Gunner must click the Advance button on the skill window.

Awakening as an Infiltrator


The Blitz must first reach level 50.

Alternatively, if the player skips Epic Quest Icon.png Unending Foreboding:
The Blitz must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to Lady Kiri in Hendon Myre.
  2. Collect 1000 White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragments, 1000 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragments, 100 Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Iron.png Superior Irons.
  3. Defeat Agram the Witch in the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  4. Collect 1 Formidable Essence.png Formidable Essence from the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  5. Collect 10 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seals of Emperor Helm.

Awakening as an Armada


The Infiltrator must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Siran in the City of Shonan.
  2. Collect 60 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi.
  3. Clear EX: Gold Dragon Tournament.
  4. Collect 150 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm.
  5. Clear EX: Silver Dragon Tournament.
  6. Clear Tainted Time Gate.

Awakening as a Neo: Blitz


The Armada must first reach level 100.

  • Complete the True Awakening 1 Quest line and obtain Ability Intensification.
  • Complete the True Awakening 2 Quest line.


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Media Content

Blitz's Story - Last Sleep (KR)


Subclass Inspiration

  • The Blitz's theme and motif are based on the concept of creating augmented Super Soldiers, which are often depicted as Cyborgs in popular military science fiction media.
  • The Neo: Blitz's design is greatly similar in appearance to Marvel's Iron Man.


  • In military terms, an Assault is to carry out a raid or attack upon a certain target.
    • Similarly, the Global title Blitz is an abridged term for Blitzkrieg, which refers to a sudden all out attack which fits the class's overall theme.
  • An Ex Machina is derived from the term Deus Ex Machina, a term commonly referring to a situation being suddenly and quickly resolved in an unlikely manner. It's latin definition meaning "god out of the machine" could very well reference the Gunner's ascension into a cyborg.
    • The term could possibly be an homage to the Deus Ex game series which focuses on augmented humans and cyborgs.
  • The Chinese title for Intruder, meaning either Super Terminator or "Super-Finish" (depending on translations) may also be a reference to the Terminator franchise.





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