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Mia the Druid

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Mia the Druid

Mia the Druid.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Class Female Fighter
Level 56
Dungeons Prophetic Dream
Drops unknown
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She has the image of a Fighter with the Gold Silk Petal Dress avatar, and spawns with Root Dwellers.

Move List

  • Tree Roots Spear- This attack is very similar to the attacks of the Dendroids' in Behemoth. However, these attacks can go diagonal, and are not marked by a yellow marker, making it harder to dodge than the Dendroids'.
  • Blind Seed- This is also an attack similar to the Dendroids',only with less range(only 1 seed). This attack blinds you if it hits.
  • Plant Bind- This move immobilizes the player/victim until the bind is destroyed or the it fades away (5 seconds?).This bind is similar to the Hell Demon Nightshade's, and can only be destroyed by basic skills (the skills you have access to before sub-class advancement).


  • As she runs towards you, use a Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) skill that launches her or pushes her back, such as Ghost Orb.png Ghost Orb or Mountainous Wheel.png Mountainous Wheel to attack her.
  • To avoid her Tree Roots Spear, watch for when she kneels down and parts of the map near you/in front of you that has been altered to be similar to a trench - this is where the Spears will attack.
  • Keep moving to avoid the Plant Bind. If you can kill Mia or keep her in the air/combo her while she is on the ground continuously, she cannot summon the bind.

Notes / Oddities

  • Her Tree Roots Spear can, interestingly, be Perfect Guard'd by an Asura, albeit very difficult. Also, this does not help much as more spears will appear from behind.
  • Her Tree Roots Spear grants her a short invincibility frame while she is in the kneeling position- similar to Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound.
  • If the plant bind is summoned but does not catch you, but you run into it, you will be immobilized.